Advice for CIA(Certificated Internal Auditor)

Last yest, I got the CIA(Certificated Internal Auditor) certification. Actually, it is not an IT security certification, it concerns internal auditing activities. When I was performing an IT security auditing to financial institutions as an external expert of government, I think that if I can make a big picture of the company, it might be led me to high quality auditing even security auditing. So, I was preparing it and certificated.

As you know that, CISA is another auditing certification, the difference between CISA and CIA, CISA is specialized in IT auditing, but, CIA handles whole audit activity include an IT auditing. It include accounting, business, audit activity and team management. CIA is not directly connecting with IT security, but if you want to understand company’s attributes to perform more efficient and effective security audit, It will help you.

Blows might help to gonna be a certificated internal auditor.

IIA(Organization of CIA Certification) :, in Korea :
Gleim CIA review(books) :
Official – Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) at Linkedin (many IIA executives belong this group, if you ask a question directly, they will answer you)

If you have a plan to get CIA certification or have a question, please leave a comment.


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